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This innovative new museum is located at Pratica di Mare in the medieval village built supposedly on the ancient Acropolis of Lavinium. The traditional museum is integrated with 3D characters that illustrate the history and events.

In the traditional part are shown finds from the tenth century BC and from the Roman period, such as the statue of Minerva and the great votive terracotta statues, mainly female, coming from the sanctuary of the goddess. Note also the traditional Greek ritual vases with black figures like the cup of Castor of the sixth century BC.

Other areas are dedicated to the ‘world of women’ with jewellery and daily work tools found in the proto-historic necropolis and a room dedicated to Aeneas, the Trojan hero famous founder of Lavinium. Many of the grave goods shown were found in the tomb in which it was thought he was buried, like the sword, the spear and the sacrificial knife, decorated vases and other items.

In the picturesque Blue Room, a video reconstructs “The Journey” with 3D a “ship” of the Bronze Age, the era of Enea.