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The museum dedicated to Master Robazza is inside Giacci palace.

Benedict Robazza is an acclaimed artist, applauded around the world, born in Rome in 1934 and works between Rome and New York.

He lived in Rocca Priora where he made numerous works and sculptures of great value, including reliefs inspired by Dante’s Inferno. His works are located in New York ( “Garibaldi” “Frank Sinatra”) Washington (the White House), Los Angeles (Monument to Rudolph Valentino), Rome (Monument to Alberto Sordi, The Holy Shroud).

He paid tribute to Rocca Priora donating many works that are placed through the streets of the town and which tell the story of the artistic career of the sculptor: the fountain “Buero” with the sumptuous horse entering the country via Tuscolana, the fountain “Triumph of Good “just outside the village, the fountain of Narcissus, in the central square of Rocca Priora, the bronze stations of the cross through the streets of the old town.