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The museum is located inside a medieval building in the centre of Viterbo and tells the story of the carriage (machine) with the exhibition of models of the various carriages from 1690 up to the present day. Recall that the carriage is changed every 5 years following a public competition for the best artistic proposal.
The models are in scale and the real carriages are over 30 meters tall (with the statue at the top) and weigh over 5,000 kilos.
On the ground floor of the museum you can also see footage of the processions of the past years while on the second floor a room is reserved for meetings of the Facchini Association, being those who transport the carriage during the procession. The colours of their clothing are white in memory of the purity of Santa Rosa and the red band in honour of the numerous cardinals who accompanied the first procession, that procession in which the body of the saint was moved.