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The Music Festival is a great party full of good music and is divided into a series of music days during the holidays of August in Tolfa.
The festival embraces different genres: from popular music to swing, to jazz, to rock up to light music and French cabaret.
Until 2016 it was called “Music Festival” but the growing success of the event since 2017 has convinced the organizers to change the name in its current form.
From 2017 to accompany all the days of the festival there is the Grilled Festival, perfect to enjoy during the summer holidays.
Not only the Grigliata because during the days of the festival it is also possible to taste the typical dishes and a genuine durum wheat pasta variety Senatore Cappelli, produced directly by the Agricultural University of Tolfa, all surrounded by good wine and the traditional fritters of San Giuseppe .
In addition, the tourist can visit an exhibition of local crafts.
One of the days of the festival is dedicated to the singing contest “Singing under the Rock” and among the experiences do not miss the fun for children, with a play area and the traditional game of fishing.
It is a festival to be discovered and enjoyed where the protagonist is good music with traveling bands and live shows. The Festival is organized by the G. Verdi musical association, very active with numerous music courses and events throughout the year. It takes place every summer since 1993 in the enchanting climate of the park of the Villa Comunale di Tolfa.