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The National Fair of Grottaferrata is one of the largest events in the province of Rome, bringing together producers from all over the territory in the most varied sectors, from crafts to gastronomy. In March there is a week of meetings and events, both for exhibitors and visitors to rediscover local traditions and entrepreneurs.

The Fair of Grottaferrata has medieval origins and is closely linked to the Abbey of San Nilo. In the Middle Ages they were often fairs started in pilgrimage areas during special religious celebrations.

In Grottaferrata many pilgrims came to the Church of St. Mary in the Annunciation (March 25) and to the Nativity of Our Lady (September 8).

These festivals have become, therefore, a natural part of trade exchanges that led to the birth of the fair that still takes place in the spring.

The fair combines the traditional and the present: next to the stands dedicated to crafts and wine and food are spaces dedicated to ecology, publishing and architecture.


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