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The Regional Natural Park of Bracciano Martignano was established in 1999 to preserve and enhance the area beside the lakes of Bracciano and Martignano up to the Sabatini Mountains. There are two important Natural Monuments: the “Caldara of Manzanita”, characterized by the presence of sulfuric waters and birch groves, and the wetland of “Pantane and Lagusiello” of Trevignano Romano, a refuge area for waterfowl .

The forests are characterized by chestnut and oak woods, with the presence of important beech groves at higher altitudes, while the rural landscape has wide open spaces.

The richness of the natural environment favours the presence of many animal species, from large mammals (wild boar, wild sheep and fallow deer) to wild cats and the wolf.

The wild birds and birds of prey are numerous but the most significant presence is constituted by the migratory fauna with about 10,000 water birds.