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Vetralla is located near the abandoned village of Norchia. The place dates back to prehistoric times and has had a great importance with the Etruscans and perhaps is the ancient place of Orclae cited by the Romans. It is situated along the Via Clodia where two rivers flow into the Biedano. Between the sixth and second centuries BC, the Etruscans built an urban center and a necropolis was excavated in the tufa, with ‘nut’ tombs: an upper part and a lower part. There are three cemeteries along the three rivers.

The Romans declared it a municipality and there are traces of a mausoleum and the remains of a bridge over Beidano. The town has also had development in the Lombard period, and was fortified by Pope Adrian IV.

In the twelfth and thirteenth century two churches were built and a castle and then everything was abandoned in 1435 and today only ruins are visible.