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Palazzo della Corgna is the most important of the stately homes of Città della Pieve.

Its construction arose from the will of Ascanio della Corgna, the most illustrious of the descendants of the noble family from Perugia, who was appointed in 1550 Perpetual Governor of Castel della Pieve.

The building, designed by Galeazzo Alessi in cooperation with the Corgna family, is a residence that expresses a clear desire to present a neo-feudal style, referring back to some wonderful examples such as the Farnese Palace in Rome and the eponymous villa of Caprarola. The magnificent rooms, decorated with frescoes by Salvio Savini and Nicholas Ciricignani, known as Pomarancio, are hosts to spaces dedicated to exhibitions.

It houses the beautiful town library, the Museum of Natural History of the town and Territory and the Convention Centre of the Terziere Castello.