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Days dedicated to traditional folk games and entertainment with 8 districts competing for the ‘Palio of the County’ of Aquino. Everything takes place in Piazza San Tommaso in the historic center of the village.
The districts of Crucela, San Pietro Vetere, Piazza, Giusaranna, Canapine, Filetti, San Marco and Valli collide in games inspired by tradition like ‘Corsa cu la Cannata’ (running with water), ‘Corsa cu i sac’ (Race with the bag), ‘Corsa cull’a wheelbarrow’ (race with the cariola), ‘Cursa co la botte’ (race with the barrel), shooting at the end and also competitions of skill like that of washing clothes at the source.
The event takes place over four afternoons where there are also competitions for children next to competitions for adults.
Shows of flag-wavers, live music and food and wine tastings complete the pleasure of this popular festival.


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