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Starting from the first weekend of July, in memory of the lucky landing of Innocent XII who, in order to save himself from a storm, landed at Anzio and took refuge among the ruins of Nero’s villa, Anzio organizes a series of historical and sporting events.

The sporting events of the Palio of the Seas of Anzio begin with a swim crossing between Terzo and Darsena, a half-mile cross-country race that counts towards the regional championship.

At night there is a sailing regatta among the 9 districts of the city that challenge each other for the Palio del Mare. The regatta recalls the storm and the misadventures of the boat on which was Cardinal Pignatelli on his journey to Rome to become Pope Innocent XII.

Along the streets of the town, meanwhile, is a procession in historical clothes that tells the story of the rebirth of Anzio with the support of Cardinal Antonio Pignatelli when he became Pope with the name of Innocent XII.

The pope bought the Valle d’Anzio from the Pamphili family, built the new port and gave the land for free to those who wanted to build houses and create a village around the port. This is why the pope is known locally as Pater Patriae (Father of the Country).


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