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The museum is located in the Governor’s Palace, and is dedicated to Galileo Galilei. Inside it houses the permanent exhibition of Vincenzo Bianchi, an honorary citizen of Vico nel Lazio. In the upper floor the exhibition ends with a window that allows an unhindered view of nature.

Bianchi was born in 1939 in Fontana Liri, and in his artistic experience he touched all visual arts, from sculpture to painting, from graphics to video. Bianchi founded the movement “The New Primitives” that is at the same time the name of a “Republic of Artists” founded on Love. The Movement has as its religion the Love of all religions, it has no territory or boundaries, and lives and operates through the Internet. Its population is all of humanity. Through every form of Art, the New Primitives have as their main objective knowledge and brotherhood among all people.