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Pescia Romana is a village of Montalto on the Tuscan border and the town consists of two parts: “The New Village” and “The Old Village”.

The old village was developed after the year 1700 around a small church built by the Jesuits and dedicated to St. Ignatius. The other, along the via Aurelia, dates back to 1961 and is one of the best examples of rural communities: born after the agrarian reform of the 1950’s resulting from the Ente Maremma. Even this new centre is formed around a sacred building, the Church of San Giuseppe Operaio (St Joseph the Carpenter) with hexagonal plan and also frescoed dome of hexagonal design.

The history of Pescia is different from that of Montalto di Castro as it was the part swampy and unhealthy country. Around 1820, the “Tenuta di Pescia” (Holding of Pescia) was granted to the Boncompagni-Ludovisi family, Princes of Piombino, who owned it until the land reform.

The Pescia beaches are very popular with tourists in search of natural beauty.