In the rest of Umbria they called it umbricelli but in Città della Pieve, which is influenced by the neighbouring Tuscany, it is called pici and represents one of the highlights of local cuisine.

The recipe is simple: water, flour and very little, if any, egg. The preparation consists in ”appiciare” that is, hand working the dough – pulling and pushing to create a long and full bodied noodle.

There are variations to the seasoning of all kinds: mushroom, carbonara, venison sauce (wild boar and hare) or in many other ways, however, that are considered external to the tradition of Tuscany, such as cheese and pepper that are notoriously from Roman recipes.

The classics condiments allow however for “aglione” (a tomato sauce and a giant garlic that grows only here), a sauce with rabbit liver, duck or goose sauce, a meat sauce, or simply “crumbs”, that is served with Tuscan bread crumbs fried in olive oil.