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In September, the Pizzutello and valuable grapes festival of Tivoli is one of the oldest in Italy and its origins date back to 1845 when Gregorio XVI went to Tivoli to check the modernization works in progress. It was October 2nd and the inhabitants of Tivoli adorned the streets where the Pope was to pass with shoots of grape vines and pizzutello grapes.

But the first real festival that recalled this visit was held in 1931 with an exhibition in the portico of Villa d’Este and the sending of a cart with pizzutello shoots pulled by oxen to the national parade of the Rome Grape Festival.

The pizzutello is a precious type of grape with a characteristic horn shape that, along with the peculiarity of its flavour, distinguishes it from all the others.

Today the grape festival is an event that is divided partly into an introduction to the world of agriculture and the countryside with agronomists, chefs and landscapers and, on the other part, a moment of celebration with live music.  The event also includes an art section dedicated to photographers and artists who have celebrated this grape over the years.