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One of the most heartfelt religious ceremonies, this is the Procinión dell’Inchinata at Tivoli where the images of Our Lady of Grace and of the Most Holy Savior meet on two occasions.
On the evening of August 14th the two images arrive in the central nave of the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, starting from the respective churches where they are kept, carried on the shoulders of the confraternities. When you meet the wearers, they tilt them as if to simulate a bow or as if they were talking in a low voice.

On August 15, then, the images take a new bow in the square and then the image of Our Lady of Grace returns to the church while that of Jesus is carried in solemn procession to the Basilica of San Lorenzo.
According to some scholars, the bowing ceremony has its roots in medieval representations when each gesture corresponded to precise meanings.