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The name of the castle derives from that of a neighbouring former stronghold.

By a plaque on the walls of the castle, its construction began in 1607 at the behest of Ottavio Tassoni d’Este, a Preceptor of the Church of the Holy Spirit. The work was commissioned to the architect Canio Antonietti and the idea was to create a building / farm to accommodate the governor and his retinue of officials, but also to welcome the peasant families who worked there.

In later years the castle was run by an authoritarian castle manager, Fra Cirillo Zabaldani who equipped the fortress with fortifications and grates.

Fra Cirillo Zabaldani suspended the work on the fortress to build the Chiesa dell’Addolorata situated in the small village.

The castle was too far out of town and people preferred to stay in the village of the Monte Romano where there was the tavern and the labour camps.

The work was thus halted in mid-seventeenth century, and the building is still incomplete and in that state.