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The equestrian show of the ancient Roman Carnival comes alive with an unforgettable spectacle at the Stadio dei Marmi Pietro Mennea in Rome. The show is on September 8th at 7.00 pm at the end of the Longines Global Champions Tour.

The Roman Carnival is structured around the story of three great Italian traditions related to the horse.

The first is the culture of the horse as a companion of life and work represented by the Butteri of Cottanello with Mauro Perni and Alessandro Volpi, testimonial of the 120th Fieracavalli of Verona.

The second tribute is to the immense contributions of the Italian military tradition to international equestrian heritage: guests of honour will be the Regiment and the Band of the Lancers Regiment of Montebello who will perform in their Carosello di Lance on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Captain Federico Caprilli, creator of the Natural Riding System, i.e. the way in which today riders are mounted on horseback and the Carosello of Villa Buon Respiro.

The last part concerns the show of equestrian art begun in the Renaissance and which continues in the great European academies. Today this art is represented in modern spectacular forms within the great national and international fairs. Among the protagonists of the equestrian show: Gianluca Coppetta with the dance body Siyanda, Roberto Concezzi, David Giorgi, Alessandro Conte with his students Loretta Minollini and Thomas Giampieri and the Italian Association Muli Montati.

Other great Italian equestrian artists will be present, including Andrea Giovannini, the standard bearer of the Carnival and multi-champion of dressage.

The touches of the spectacular include the Flagwavers of Castel Madama, the figures of the historical procession of the Comunitas Sublacensis and the Flagwavers and Musicians of Velletri, who with their presence in costume will bring out the magic of the past. The evening ends with the traditional Moccoletti Festival.

Organizer of the event is the Roman Carnival Association with its energetic president Marco Lepre and the show will be presented by Daniele Coscarella, Emanuela Panatta and Maria Baleri. The event takes advantage of the directorial and organizational contribution of Umberto Scotti, Alessandro Salari and Riccardo Di Giovanni, who have always been behind the scenes of the Roman Carnival events.

Admission is free.