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The remains of the ancient Roman theatre of Anzio are located not far from the Villa di Nerone (Nero`s Villa) and in the area where the urban settlement was to be built in the era of Rome. The theatre dates back to the first century A.D. and would have been later favoured by the emperor Nero, as it is located in the north near his villa.

Today the theatre is recognized by its foundations and by the arrangement of the walls as well as other details. Originally the wall was divided into 11 sectors with a lower section and a top section for the spectators.

Behind the stalls, which occupied 30 meters in the diameter of the theater, there were 4 spaces for the actors and a staircase that led to the second floor of the stage scenery, probably a balcony.

During the period of decline of Rome, two ovens were built in the side corridors. Finally, in the area of the stalls some bodies were found that had been buried in medieval times.



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