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The area of ​​Albano was known for the villas of Roman patricians who sought shelter from the summer heat of Rome and wanted their residence dedicated to the Otium. In the locality of Cavallacci there are the remains of a villa that dates back to the end of the Republican age.

The villa then had its heyday in the imperial age and was inhabited until the 5th century AD, when Rome fell under the barbarian invasions.

The villa had a series of terraces and also served as a centre for agricultural production, so that workers’ homes were located inside it.

Some remains of masonry and floors of patrician rooms, of the cistern, of the rustic area are still visible. The finds, rediscovered during the excavations, including terracotta objects and the marble head of Tiberio Gemello, can be seen in the Museo Civico di Albano which looks after the excavations.


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