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A day in the smallest town of Lazio with a food and wine tour in the historic center of the village of Marcetelli.

The “Serpentone di Montagna” is a different way of getting to know the food and wine traditions with 7 stages dedicated to 7 different dishes paired with wines. It starts obviously from the aperitif with the famous bruschetta with porcini mushrooms, it goes to pizzicotti (a special dough of bread dough that is served as first and seasoned with tomato sauce), lentil soup, local pecorino cheese, the ham, the sheep “allu cotturu” prepared with tomato and chilli pepper, the donuts and closes with the watermelon, the most traditional of summer fruits.
Live music with organelles and popular songs to make the atmosphere of the village even more magical.
An opportunity to learn more about the village but also the Lake of Salto, one of the most picturesque places of Sabina and Lazio.