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The impressive palace of Spezza, a family from Spain (original surname “De Speza”), is still owned by the family. It is located in the highest part of the old town and is surrounded by a beautiful garden, with sculptures, stone mythological masks, and a large terrace.

The building dates from 1500 when it was built by the Colonna family incorporating some towers of the medieval castle. In the late eighteenth century it was yielded to the Spezza, enlarged and restored by Nicholas Spezza, a Pontifical diplomat who escaped from France after the French Revolution.

In the top of the garden, on the highest point, there are the remains (towers and walls) of the medieval castle that belonged to De Ceccano, that was destroyed around the sixteenth century.

The building is on three floors and has thirty state rooms. The first-floor living rooms are furnished and adorned according to the late nineteenth century styles, and the ballroom recalls English lounges of the eighteenth century. This salon is a small private chapel.