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On the summit of ancient Aspra is the parish church dedicated to St. John the Baptist. Restored and enlarged in 1515, it has within it various elements in Baroque style due to the restructuring of 1791.

The Romanesque bell tower dates back to the thirteenth century, with some of the fourteenth century frescoes while the last loggia of the bell tower was added in 1934 to accommodate a water supply tank. The church has three naves and includes many valuable works of art such as a painting on wood (dated 1524) of Giacomo Santoro (called Jacopo Siculo) depicting the Baptism of Jesus and a sixteenth-century fresco depicting the Madonna and Child.

In a newspaper stand is a wooden statue of St. Sebastian, carved and painted in the seventeenth century. The church also guards the great organ purchased by the community in 1600 to celebrate the jubilee. In the sacristy is housed the monumental nativity scene structured on “Casperia in miniature”, handmade by Giannicola Mariani.