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The original building dates back to the Middle Ages and the church is mentioned for the first time in the statutes of Genazzano from 1277. It is dedicated to St. Nicholas of Bari, the patron of Genazzano, and was part of the castle. Perhaps here was baptized papa Martino V Colonna who, having become pope, has refurbished and enriched it with valuable works.

Part of the church was demolished in 1616 for the creation of a new perspective onto the Colonna Castle. With these demolitions and reconstructions in the Baroque style, the church has assumed a unique appearance.

In fact, the interior of the church, three aisles with side chapels, is a strange mixture of late Gothic and Baroque styles. The wonderful cosmatesco floor and polychrome wooden ceiling are opposed to the Baroque altar decorations in white stucco and gold, with Corinthian columns. The church ends in an apse with a wooden choir dating back to the mid-eighteenth century.

The church contains a number of tombstones, including one dedicated to the Princess of Goti, Flavia Amalafrida Theodinanda, held in exile in Genazzano, and John Brancaleone.

Above the front door is an eighteenth-century organ of the famous family of organ builders of Catarinozzi.