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The St. Peter’s church and the Capuchin Monastery are located on a hill, not far from the historic centre of the city of Alatri, where once stood a temple dedicated to the goddess Bellona, ​​a Roman goddess who is sometimes represented as the wife of the god Mars.

In the first centuries of Christianity the temple was transformed into a church dedicated to St. Peter and in the twelfth century a monastery was built for Benedictine nuns. In 1566 the monastery was enlarged and arranged and became the seat of the Capuchins.

St. Peter’s Church today is in late-Renaissance style renovated in the second half of the eighteenth century. Inside is a monumental main altar in walnut, built by Father Giovanni da Collepardo in 1755 with an altarpiece of the Immaculate Conception painted by the artist Vincenzo Cerica of Alatri.

Recently, under the buildings were found the area of the “castellum aquae”, an anointed entrance for the arrival of water from the Roman aqueduct of Betilieno Varo.


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