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Among the opportunities and reasons to go to visit Fara in Sabina, in addition to the famous Abbey of Farfa, you can take advantage of a special day: that of the festival ‘Strolling through the Roses‘ at the beginning of June.

The rose is the flower of joy and celebration and each variety brings with it different messages and meanings in total juxtaposition between them: heavenly perfection and earthly passion, time and eternity, life and death.

For centuries it has been the symbol of love, devotion, admiration, beauty and perfection. Furthermore, it symbolizes the secret and reveals it with delicacy. The well-closed bud embodies feminine chastity while the bloomed Rose represents youthful beauty.

The birth of the rose is always linked to myths, legends and poems.

Anacreon was one of the first poets to describe the birth of the rose by connecting it to the goddess Venus:

When the beautiful Venus, shimmering with dew, formed from the foam of the sea and rose from the waves, when Athena came out armed from the head of Zeus, in turn the earth gave birth to an admirable plant, a new masterpiece of nature. Desiring to accelerate its flowering, the gods watered it with nectar, and the rapid rose grew majestically, rising on the thorny stem.

According to others, it was Cybele who gave life to the rose. The deity took revenge on Venus by creating the only flower able to rival the beauty of the goddess.

The rose, originally considered white, has taken on clothes of other colours mostly due to the blood shed by many of the most varied reasons. Venus stings a foot to steal from the wrath of Mars the beloved Adonis who hides in a grove of roses or Cupid bleeding from the stings of a swarm of bees, playing among the roses in the gardens of Olympus.

In the heart of the province of Rieti, in Fara in Sabina, is a weekend full of events related to this queen of flowers, the rose.

During the event, there is an exhibition that celebrates this magnificent flower and you can buy some of the many specimens present. The program includes lectures, courses and presentation of texts dedicated to the cultivation of roses.

There will also be a tasting of preparations based on roses, according to traditional recipes.

A unique event able to satisfy our senses with colours, flavours and fragrances that inebriate the air. An event that will have as its main objective to excite the heart of everyone present.