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The ancient city of Equa Suna was located in a strategic point of passage (precisely “seasonal stock movement”) of ancient peoples (Pelasgians, Equi and Romans). The archaeological ruins at the foot of Monte Fratta, with the ruins of a temple dedicated to Mars, testify to this story.

The construction techniques of building of these archaeological remains are similar to those of the Mycenaean culture, therefore it is likely that Alzano has hosted the Pelasgian population that arrived from Greece much more than 2000 years BC.

The Pelasgians were a people accustomed to living in the mountains and landed in Italy via Sicily. The Pelasgians were in Alzano for about 250 years, until the Equi fought to free the Valle del Salto from the foreign presence. The people of the Equi were proud and combative. The Romans never managed to defeat them and the areas were managed autonomously by the ‘Rex Publica Aequicolorum’.