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King’s lamb soup

Made from lamb’s meat, bones and organs. Usually eaten during the winter. The soup is clear and the fragrance is overwhelmingly attractive.

Pancake with green onion

The belief is that this food shows how the local people are honest and simple. For tourists who enjoy other kinds of foods besides scallions, there are plenty of other fillings that can be used as a replacement

Mt. Tai tofu dish

Taishan’s tofu is very famous. They were one of the best dishes offered to emperors when they arrived at Mt. Tai.

Dry fried red-scale fish (干炒红鳞鱼)

Dry-fried red-scale fish is a special dish only in Taishan, which used to be a tribute in the Qing Dynasty. The meat is tender, delicious, with fewer thorns, no astringency smell, and high nutritional value.

Herbal Diet Feast

Taishan cooks often take advantage of Taishan’s weather and soil condition as there are many ingredients that are good for Chinese herbal medicinal growth. Some of the recommended dishes are lucid Ganoderma steamed chicken, lucid Ganoderma steamed duck, Polygonum stewed lamb, four-leaf ginseng steamed chicken, Rock candy Huangjing soup, Ginkgo biloba knuckle and almond tofu.

Organic Vegetable Feast

Taian people love organic vegetables; and when they dine with friends in Shandong, the local organic vegetables collected from depths of the forest are always the first thing that comes to mind. Local people often share with visitors that these are the Emperor’s favorite dishes to purify the body. The most famous dishes are ginger leeks, fried lotus and fried pheasant.


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