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Improvisation and dynamism, metamorphosis and experimentation, tradition and discovery, jazz becomes the key to interpreting reality. The Terracina Jazz Fest is the festival of the improvised music of the city of Terracina and was born in 2014 in the sweet summer evenings of July.

The Terracina Jazz Fest is now a successful reality, having hosted, from the first editions to today, already dozens of international musicians. These are days of music with many artists involved.

In each year, the focus is on an instrument that becomes the leader of every group chosen at concerts. The festival wants to propose to the public authentic musical projects that range beyond the boundaries of classical and well-known jazz.

Picture by Massimo Iudicone

Terracina Jazz Fest is also a combination of music and taste. In the evenings of the festival, most of the restaurants in Terracina, including the most prestigious ones, welcome tourists and music lovers who follow the festival, by offering them some special menus at a discounted and inexpensive price.

Terracina is a busy tourist destination during the summer months, but is known above all for its historical sites, first of all the Temple of Jupiter Anxur, which stands on top of the mountain overlooking the city. One of the main venues of the festival is the Foro Emiliano, a forensic testimony of the Roman period dating back to the first century.

During the days of the festival you can visit an exhibition inside the medieval building Torre Casa Degli Acso. In the historical centre of the city there are different locations of the festival: Chiesa del Purgatorio, Piazza San Domitilla, Piazza Porta Nuova.

In the most recent years the Terracina Jazz Fest hosted the following players: Sebi Tramontana, Caterina Palazzi, Marco Colonna Trio, LUZ (Lancelot, Legari, Leo), Mike Cooper, Antonello Salis, the duo Sara Jane & Paolo Ceccarelli, Roots Magic, Daniele Captain Sepe & Groove Crew, Manlio Maresca, the trio Diodati, Vignato, Tessier, Francesco Ponticelli Trio, the trio Satta-Bellatalla-Altamura, Dimitri Grechi Espinoza, Federica Michisanti, the duo Matteo Bortone and Enrico Zanisi, Jacopo Ferrazza Trio.