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The Carnival of Pontecorvo was founded in 1952. The story has it that in that year some Pontocorvians visiting Naples bought a papier-mâché doll that depicted a giant elephant called Alicandro, who was the protagonist of the first parade of allegorical floats of 1952.

Since then the carnival celebrations have evolved and have also seen the birth of a children’s carnival, which takes place in Pontecorvo usually on Fat Thursday.

Recently the official mask of the Carnival of Pontecorvo has become the Burlicchio, a character with the nose by Pinocchio, with baton in hand, a claw in place of the hand and a brightly coloured dress reminiscent of Harlequin.

Another important mask for the Carnival of Pontecorvo is Mazzamavere, entered in the tradition in the period when the Saracens went back to Garigliano. It is said that as they passed, the population fell into panic and welcomed the Saracens shouting “kill the Moors” (hence the name of the mask). This nefarious period then ended up in the traditions of the Carnival with groups of people who dyed their faces black and arrived in town during the days armed with sticks.

Another classic figure of the Pontecorvo Carnival is the Princess, created in 1979 to revive the great dance music nights.

Today the Pontecorvo Carnival attracts many visitors to see the great parade of allegorical floats.