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The Carnival of Ronciglione is one of the most anticipated and well-loved events in the province of Viterbo and has been selected among the most beautiful carnivals in Italy. To make this event so important is the popular participation with the locals who prepare the costumes, masks and folk events.

The main characters of this carnival are two masks: “Nasorosso“, a local representation of Pulcinella, and the “Ussari“, masks representing Hungarian soldiers of the fifteenth century with oriental uniforms, mustaches and long braids and who fought against the Ottoman Empire.

The Red Noses represent the worshipers of Bacchus. On Monday of the Carnival they give life to the “la pitalata” ritual: dressed in white, they go after the spectators and get invited into the houses to offer macaroni.

These splendid masks give a burlesque tone to this carnival which, in its rich program of events, includes the parade of allegorical floats and the ritual of the death of the Carnival.

The Ronciglione Carnival takes place over several days.

Generally in the morning of Sunday there is a performance of the Arceri of Orte, while in the afternoon there is the Ride of the Ussari (“Corsa degli Ussari”) with the parade of allegorical floats.

Monday is the moment of the Ronciglionese mask of the “Red Noses” that distribute macaroni. Finally, on Tuesday, there will be the Great Children’s Carnival and the Night Carnival.