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From 1590 there are documents about academies born in Città della Pieve to promote literature and theatre, and in 1720 the first wooden theatre was built. The Academy of Avvaloranti planned the construction of a new theatre in 1830 entrusting the project to the architect Giovanni Santini, who completed the building in 1834.

After the fall of the roof in 1970 the theatre was finally restored in the original neoclassical style back to being a precious jewel at the centre of the cultural life of the city. The old curtain of the theatre, built in 1870 by Mariano Piervittori and recently restored, depicts the Perugino with his wife Chiara Fancelli and a group of students, including Raphael.

Besides the theatre season, each year it hosts an American company, the International Opera Theater of Philadelphia for a world premiere opera.