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The tomb of the Orazi and Curiazi is considered the symbol of Albano and is located on the fifth mile along the ancient route of the Via Appia. It is a majestic building formed by two dice-shaped bases surmounted by truncated cones in tuff blocks and covered with peperino (volcanic tuff).

Once the monument had a third truncated conical element of greater height.

The tomb dates back to the late Republican period and a legend says that it is located in the place where the Orazi and Curiazi, two couples of three brothers who challenged each other under the reign of Tullio Ostilio, competed.

Rome and Alba Longa were competing for control of the area and decided to entrust the fate of supremacy to a challenge between champions, each representing one of the two cities, to avoid bloodshed.

The Romans chose the three Orazi brothers while the Albans chose the Curiazi brothers. Initially two Romans were killed but the last Roman adopted a clever strategy: he pretended to flee and was chased by one of the Curiazi, then turned suddenly and hit his opponent to death by exploiting the element of surprise.

In the end the Orazio won over all the other Curiazi and Albalonga fell under the dominion of Rome. Not for long because the city then plotted against Rome and was totally destroyed, so much so that we still don’t know the exact place where it once stood.


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