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The cuisine of Albano Laziale has a close connection with that of the eternal city, and many of its traditional dishes are typical Roman cuisine. Among the specialties to be tasted in the trattorias and restaurants of Albano, certain characteristic dishes and starters cannot be missed, in addition to the sliced ​​salami and pecorino cheese, Roman Trippa is often served with mint, as well as Coratella, a dish based on lamb.

As a first course you can taste the famous potato gnocchi with tomato and basil sauce and the fettuccine, a handmade pasta with flour and eggs and seasoned in various ways depending on the time of year.

Among the latter we have to mention the Coda alla Vaccinara and the Abbacchio al Forno (Baked Lamb), they are two very appreciated and perfected specialties here in Albano. All dishes can be enjoyed with typical condiments such as those made with Broccoli Capoccione or Giudia (Jewish) artichokes, cooked matticella or cut in a pan.

Then you can’t miss the famous Porchetta of Ariccia DOP that takes its name from the famous neighbouring city kingdom of the Chigi princes.


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