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Pilgrims way:

The trail starts from a short way from the fortune of Ciciliano and arrives at the sanctuary of the temple with an average time of 3.5 hours.

Path Karol Wojtya:

The trail starts from the center of Pisoniano and reaches the sanctuary with an average travel time of 2.5 hours.

The path of the ridges:

It connects Capranica Prenestina with Guadagnolo just along the ridge line of the mountain and then ends at the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Nuova, near San Giorgio di Sassola.

Path A. Kircher:

The short trail winds in the vicinity of the sanctuary and reaches the Saint Eustache chapel with an average journey time of about half an hour.

Path of Finestra Orografica:

The trail starts from the sanctuary and leads to the majestic composition of the large window-shaped bank of rocks from which you can fully enjoy the sanctuary. In the distance stands Terminillo mountain, the highest in the Lazio. The journey takes half an hour.