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The festival has ancient origins, and in the spring were pagan fertility rites to propitiate a good harvest. Following this tradition, in the Middle Ages the ‘tree marriage’ was initiated, which dates back to the times of discord with Viterbo for the possession of the forests of Monte Fogliano, that ended up with Vetralla.

The festival restates possession by Vetralla of the woods of Monte Fogliano. On the morning of May 8, a procession of riders in costume go from the Town Hall Square into the woods of Monte Fogliano, about 6 km away, to the applause of the crowd.

In front of the Hermitage of Sant’Angelo are two decorated two trees, a Turkey oak and an oak tree, which are decorated with flowers and united by a white bridal veil and the mayor, with the civil and religious authorities, celebrates this marriage to the accompaniment of the band. After the ceremony and the blessing the marriage banquet begins.

Vetralla is twinned with Venice for the similarities between the “Marriage of the Trees” and the “Marriage of the Sea”.