The countryside around Montefiascone is particularly fascinating and offers many paths for those who love to discover nature slowly and all its beauties on foot.

– Circuit of the Caldera

This path has significant difficulty and a length of about 12.9 km with a difference in height of 311 meters. The estimated duration of the walk is about 4.5 hours.

The path winds around an ancient caldera that was formed at the end of the Vulsino volcanic activity. From the maps it is possible to recognize this caldera with a circular shape and with an outer diameter of about 3 km.

– Valle Fund Circuit

This path winds through the Montefiascone caldera in the Perlata Valley and is of low difficulty so it is suitable for all those who want to spend a morning or an afternoon exploring nature. The route has a length of 6.2 km and with a difference in height of 72 meters.

– Coste-Lago Circuit

This trail is also located in the Perlata Valley, in the area of the Montefiascone caldera and is a walk of about 6.9 km and a difference in altitude of 255 meters. It has a medium difficulty and can be covered in about 2 hours.

– Circuit Mosse-Roiano

The trail is located in the caldera of Montefiascone and has a total length of 6.9 km with a difference in height of 256 meters. This path has a medium difficulty and takes about 2 hours.