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The Colonna Castle of Piglio was built before 1000 and is made up of two different parts, built at different times and with a gap between them of about 25 meters.

The top of the castle, the “Palatium superior” (Upper Castle) is the oldest, and is located on a plateau at the top of a hill and was the fortified centre around which the Medieval Village developed. It consists of a tower with a spur to the hill formed by a curtain of towers along the north side. It included, according to ancient descriptions, a fortress with a loggia, a cistern, a parade ground and the baronial building with a reception hall, “Sala Palatii”, where the solemn investitures by the feudal Lord were celebrated.

The castle is mentioned in a Papal Bull by Pope Urban II in 1088, that includes it among the property of the diocese of Anagni.

It currently houses the municipal Antiquarium and in there are conserved archaeological remains found during excavations in the area, among which stands a statue of a woman with typical Roman robe, without head and arms, dating from I-II century BC.