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The Velletri grape and wine festival is a weekend dedicated to what for centuries has been a great source of wealth for this area. The wines of Velletri are renowned and the countryside and the landscape are characterized by rows of vineyards.

Picture by Nicola Severino

The festival is an opportunity to promote not only the grapes and wine but also the food and wine products of the area on stands where it is possible to have tastings. The ‘Grappolo d’Oro’ award is dedicated to the best artisans.

On Sunday morning a historical parade winds through the streets of Velletri with figures in costume and flag-wavers. During the weekend it is possible to make free visits to museums and cultural places.

The grape growing and wine production have been fundamental for the economy of Velletri. In 1882 there was a Wine Fair, and in those years, was born the famous Cantina Sperimentale.

The first edition of Velletri Grape Festival dates back to 1930 and continues to this day representing one of the most popular social moments of city life.