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The villa was commissioned by Pope Clement VII in 1594 to revive this area of the papal state that had been declining over the years.

Monsignor Bartolomeo Cesi decided then to build a villa in Renaissance style and, during its construction, the ancient treasures stored underground were rediscovered and the discovery of many masterpieces enriched the family.

At the beginning of the seventeenth century the property was then sold to the Pamphili family who brought to Rome many of the statues including the famous ones of Jupiter and of Esculapio made with black marble and now found in the Capitoline Museums.

Through various hereditary steps, the villa then came to Francesco Borghese and takes its name from his bride Adele. The villa has really had an incredible number of changes of ownership and for a certain period it belonged to the Bank of Italy, then it was a luxury hotel, then seat of the Foundation for the children of Italians abroad during fascism, and finally to the municipality of Anzio.

Today the villa houses the offices of the municipality and the Museum of the Landing.



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