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Guadagnolo is the highest town of Lazio at 1218 meters above sea-level on Mount Guadagnolo. From here you can admire both the Valle del Sacco and that of the Aniene Valley and the view reaches the Agro Romano, the Alban Hills, to Monti Sabini, Simbruini, Ernici and Lepine.

Two legends surround its history: the first sees it as a borough that has been created by the people of the valley who were trying to escape the arrival of the Barbarians around the fifth century AD and here they had taken refuge around a defence tower.

The other story is told by Father Kirchner that tells how the village was formed by the workers of the monastery and that the name ‘Guadagnolo’ derives precisely from the earnings of the innkeepers from the large influx of pilgrims.

From the twelfth century Guadagnolo has passed under the control of the Conti family until the arrival of the Sforza Cesrini family in 1808. These were followed by the Torlonia and finally the municipality of Capranica Prenestina.