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The church is located in the medieval Pellegrino district, the most characteristic and beautiful part of the city of Viterbo. It is one of the first churches and is mentioned in a document of the Abbey of Farfa from 1045 which tells us that at that time it depended on the Abbey of San Martino al Cimino.

The church has lost its original Romanesque character having undergone many alterations. In particular, in 1889 a new neo-gothic façade was created which clearly distinguishes itself from the style of the neighborhood but which characterizes it differently as a superposition of life experiences over the centuries.

The façade is in peperino stone and plaster and is characterized by a very large neo-gothic arch that encloses the main door and the central rose window. You can enter the church through some steps thereby entering a unique environment with frescoes such as an Annunciation of the XV and others of the XVIII century.

The last restoration of the church took place after the bombings of the Second World War.