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Cervara di Roma is crossed by the new path dedicated to Saint Nicholas of Bari. A journey that also aims to be a union between the Catholic and the Orthodox Church, between East and West. In fact, St. Nicholas is one of the few saints recognized by both churches and loved to the point that for many centuries the day dedicated to him was that in which gifts were given to children. He was the inspiration for the birth of Santa Claus and the arrival (all too commercial) of Santa Claus of today.

The journey starts from Rome – Ostia and following two different routes to arrive in Abruzzo or Molise. From here, following the paths of stock migration, one arrives at Bari where St Nicholas is buried.

Another branch of the journey starts from Russia and goes through the former Yugoslavia to Greece. Greece and Italy are then joined by the sea in memory of when his bones were taken from Myra (today a city of Turkey) and brought to Bari.