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Inside a building in the historic centre, in the heart of the original castle near Palazzo Falconi, there is one of the labyrinthic entrances of the seat of Pietro Margani (or Morgani) with the title of the captain of the crossbow troops of Pope Julius II to whom in 1516 was Entrusted the Fiuggi fiefdom by Pope Leo X for ‘military merit’.

He is the character around which the legend of the Virgin’s Well was born because it is said to have a strange way of using the ‘Ius Prime Noctis’, that is, of the feudal right to spend the first night of marriage with the new brides of the town.

When Pietro Margani discovered that one of the brides was not a virgin and that someone had owned her before him, he let her die in the well.

Pietro was killed at 31 years by the people in rebellion for his cruelty.