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The appealing woods of Belmonte Castello (Belmont Castle) are rich in heritage, mushrooms and asparagus. Belmont Castle was probably originally the centre for Samnite meetings around 293 BC. The name originates from the Latin ‘Bellus Mons’ to which was added in 1862, the term Castle.

The village’s more recent history begins around the year one thousand when the population sought refuge in fortresses on the hills to escape the Barbarian invasions. It was at first controlled by the Duchy of Capua and then moved to Aquino of Atina. After 1350 it saw the passing of many families until the eighteenth century when it passed into the royal domain.

The ancient castle, built by the Counts of Alvito, was destroyed during the Second World War and there remain only two stone columns. After the war the town was rebuilt, but the population fell rapidly, emigrating especially abroad.

The town has never been considered an independent town; it was considered Atina property until 1819 and then Terelle until 1851, when it was given municipal autonomy.

Belmonte Castello offers a wonderful view over Cassinate and the Valley of Comino, from which it is easily accessible. The beauty of the area, combined with the pleasant local population, make it a peaceful and pleasant place to visit.


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