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This medieval town is characterized by a ring of walls with 18 medieval towers, and is located on top of a hill with one of the most panoramic views in the whole of Ciociaria.

Boville has ancient origins that can be found in the megalithic walls of Monte Fico

The Roman town of “Bovillae in Hernicis” was crossed by the consular road that linked Arpino to Rome. The name comes from the god Bove, a symbol of fertility and widely revered in this agricultural area.

With the destruction by the Saracens and then the Hungarians in 939, the inhabitants moved to a fortified hill attracted by the fame of the holy pilgrim Pietro Ispano (Peter of Spain), who came from Spain where he had fought in defense of the Christian religion.

Thanks to the strategic location and the walls, in 1204 it repulsed troops of the Kingdom of Naples so that Pope Innocent III, in gratitude, gave them self-government. This is the period of the “republic” ruled in turn by twelve families that went on for more than four hundred years.

In the sixteenth century, Cardinal Ennio Filonardi, originally from Boville, brought wealth with the construction of a large palace on the site of the medieval castle, a new road structure, and arrangement of urban and rural churches. In 1583, Pope Gregory XIII brought Boville under central control and the administration and the governors were appointed by Rome.

Boville Ernica is included among the most beautiful villages in Italy.

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