Camerata Nuova is a small town in the Simbruini Mountains Park on the border with Abruzzo. The suffix ‘Nuova’ comes from the fact that the town was completely rebuilt in 1859 after a fire. The ruins of Old Camerata are at a higher altitude in the mountains, about 1230 meters, where the houses were composed of ‘camore’, i.e. rooms in the rock.

The construction of the old town dates from the year one thousand and the choice of building a mountain village around a castle was due to the search for shelter from the raids of the Barbarians.

Town Ambassador

For years the territory of Camerata was contested between the abbeys of Montecassino, Tivoli and Subiaco and, for a time, was entrusted to the family of the Counts of Marsi.

Camerata has seen an intense period of banditry during the Risorgimento and the bandits were seen as folk heroes who protected the inhabitants from foreign infiltration. This place marks the border between the Papal State and the Bourbon Kingdom and the fire that destroyed the town may have been lit by one of the two factions.

Camerata Nuova was built above the valley, on the Colle mountain thanks to the personal contribution of Pope Pius IX.

Camerata was the setting of the film series ‘They Call Me Trinity’ with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.