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The historic centre of the town is made up of lines of houses arranged in a ring on the edges of the “Tomolo”, a large karst sinkhole with diameter of about 500 meters around and 130 meters deep. This valley is part of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, and is home to the famous park bears.

Campoli Appennino is located in Ciociaria and the old town retains many medieval imprints, including the walls, historical centre and the Lombard defence tower. In the nineteenth century in Campoli there were active iron mines.

The name of Campoli evidently comes from ‘campora’, with which you described the farmlands at high altitude.

An interesting archaeological find is a short stretch of mosaic in black and white tiles decorated with two darting darting, as part of the hot water pavement of a Roman villa.

A special product of the area is the truffle, which grows abundantly in the surrounding woods, and its collection is now a well worn tradition for every Campolese in autumn: it is a delicacy that has made this small Appennine town famous around the world.

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