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In the Lepini mountains, Carpineto overlooks the plains of Latina (formerly ‘the swamps of the Popes’) and onwards to the interior valley of the river Sacco.

Founded in the medieval period, it is interesting to note the statute and the regulations of the sixteenth century that denote a particularly democratic character.

The splendours of the town were created by Donna Olimpia Aldobrandini who turned it into a model town: she beautified it and conferred on it the title of Duchy. In the convent of St. Augustine Apostle is preserved a painting attributed to Caravaggio.

Carpineto was the birthplace of Pope Leo XIII (Pecci) famous for his Rerum Novarum, the Catholic doctrine of the church. He was the Pope who had to create a new identity for the church after the end of the of the Papal States, and therefore the end of temporal power, and annexation to Italy.