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Castel San Pietro Romano is a small mountain town on Mount Ginestro above Palestrina with which it shares its history. Probably this area was the acropolis of ancient Palestrina and there is a trace of the polygonal walls of the IV century BC. It is said that its name derives from the Apostle Peter who came to preach in this area, as opposed to the worship of the Goddess Fortuna Primigenia, and to whom was dedicated an oratory during the reign of Constantine. According to tradition, he was just the first Christian emperor to call it “Castrum Sancti Petri”.

At the end of 1200 the estate passed to the Colonna and then the Barberini.

Thanks to its mayor Adolfo Porry-Pastorel, a famous photojournalist, in the fifties Vittorio De Sica chose Castel San Pietro Romano for some of his most important films: “Bread, Love and Dreams” with Vittorio De Sica and Gina Lollobrigida and following that: “Bread, love and jealousy”, “Il Federale”, “Liol√†”, “Is it permitted Marshal?”.

In 1961 he shot “The Two Marshals” by Sergio Corbucci with Toto and De Sica and in 1970 some scenes of “The chestnuts are good” by Pietro Germi.