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Collalto Sabino is a small medieval village along the Turano Valley and has been selected as one of “The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy”.

The village’s name derives from its colocation on the homonymous hill (Collis Altus) that also named ┬áher first lords, or controllers, that gave rise to the barony: the Collalto.

The earliest records date back to the tenth century when a Benedictine monastery was built under the protection of the Abbey of Farfa. The Abbey ceded to the Marsi family in the fifteenth century who built a wall and increased the village. Different families succeeded in Collalto and each restored and embellished the Baronial Castle.

From Collalto you can enjoy a breathtaking view: thirty-four villages, the Gran Sasso, Monte Terminillo and the Maiella Massif.